Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Opera Mindia


Warm up - wine and eggplants covered with local cheese.

Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Grand Hall.

Mindia - the long story short

After a long period of absence mountaineer Mindia comes back to his native country. /…/ Mindia /…/ knows the secret language of animals and birds, understands the echo of rocks and the noise of water falls. /…/Mindia’s brother was killed by mountaineer Chalkhia. /…/ Chalkhia /…/ killed Mindia’s brother /…/. /…/ Mindia doesn’t want to kill the man. /…/ It is dark night. /…/ Mindia has stolen time for love in such a bloody war. /…/. /…/, why he refused to fight Chalkhia? /…/ The motherland is saved. Mountaineers return back and throw the enemy’s flag at Mindia’s feet. Mindia’s father is wounded. He has only one wish before death - to take blood revenge. /…/ Chalkhia is approaching Mindia, but Mindia has already decided not to kill him. Chalkhia at last attacks him. Now Mindia is obliged to defend himself. /…/ Mindia hears the sound of invisible nature which asks Mindia not to kill his enemy. At the climax of the battle Mindia at once thrusts the sword into Chalkhia’s heart. /…/Mindia doesn’t understand any more the language of the nature. /…/ Finally the mother nature pardons her beloved son and gives him back his unique gift.

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